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The Story of Boaz One

It took me 35 years to create the Boaz One. Well, kind of. I first thought about building a plastic electric guitar in the late 1980s. I was wandering the world on my motorcycle, first mainly in Europe, the US and Latin America, then in Asia and Africa. Striving to become a master luthier, I was chasing the great masters around the world. I built my first guitar when I was 13, and ever since I knew I would be a classic guitar builder, a luthier.
The only way for me was traveling and working as an apprentice - the old way - for the greatest of the great. Building acoustic guitars, playing music, composing, and making friends. This was my life. Meanwhile, I collected the secrets of trade, the best woods, the best music and my best friends

?Why electric guitar then, and why plastic

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Boaz One
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